Ewart Library
Dumfries, Scotland

In 2002, twin black kittens came to live with a family near the Ewart Library in Dumfries. They quickly discovered that they could operate the automatic doors and moved in to take up regular employment as greeters and entertainers.

At this point, staff had no idea of their home address and named them Red and Blue after the colour of their collars. We later discovered that their owners called them Okelly and Dokelly, but they retained the professional names of Red and Blue.

For some time they both arrived for work regularly every morning and worked in the library throughout the day, but gradually, Red began to feel that this was not the life for him. He began to roam, looking for adventure and turning up for work only occasionally.   We think that he got into bad company and stayed away from home for long periods, then he simply vanished. His brother Blue remains a one of our most enthusiastic and valued members of staff, usually arriving about half an hour before opening time and often having to be persuaded to finish work at night.