Kuiti Public Library
Te Kuiti, New Zealand

Willie, the library cat

“Willie” stay or “Willie” go,
that’s we wondered 6 years ago.
This was a cat who jumped from a car,
and came to the library and became a star.
As they once said in a book,
“This cat is as big as a hog”,
but we doted on him like a small dog.
Many days he would sleep on his chair,
and at night wander the streets looking for treats.
We will never forget this cat who grow bigger every day,
and made people smile and laugh at his fat.
He tried many diets but to no avail.
Willie was a legend we let it be known,
by phone, book and even internet and email.
Gaylene, Jean and Karen say you were the best,
and with a sad goodbye we know cat heaven is where you rest.