Gibson Library, Kentucky Mountain Bible College
Vancleve, Kentucky

In Memory of Rascal
d. August 9, 2004

Rascal Cat, Esquire

A "Gentleman Cat" of the highest order,
Rascal was exceedingly good-natured.
He was never known to raise a claw in anger,
even when he might have had good cause.
He was always impeccably attired in his tuxedo, ready for any occasion.

Rascal Cat was a skillful hunter.
He was once seen to catch a bird in flight.
He was always generous, sharing his catches with "Mommy."

Rascal has lived his last life, and has gone to Kitty Heaven, where all good felines go.

Rascal will be sadly missed, not only by "Mommy,"
but by most of the KMBC campus family.
A thoroughly delightful cat, he was loved by all.

by Pat Bowen