Readlyn Community Library
Readlyn, Iowa

On this first anniversary of my husband's death (February 28, 2008), it seems fitting to remember two of the loves of my life.  They gave me so much and made life seem worthwhile.  Here are my thoughts today:
My dear, sweet Whispurr,

You meant so much to me ... more than you'll ever know.  You were my friend, my companion and my confidant.  You groomed your beautiful tuxedo coat often and to perfection ... how lovely you were.  You were brought to us only several days after my first cat, Tigger, died in my arms.  I wasn't sure I could love another cat so quickly and so completely, but you proved that I could.  I will never forget that loud purr and the way you sat on my lap and looked up at me.  Maybe you learned all of this from the library?  Anyway, I'm glad they brought you to me in your "retirement" years.  Since you appeared at the library as a stray, we never knew how old you were, but you were certainly young at heart.

Now, on the first anniversary of your "daddy's" death, I remember him questioning why you sat in his lap more often, wondering if it was true that animals can detect illnesses, especially cancer.  We mourned his passing together, didn't we?  When you were diagnosed with cancer last summer, I didn't think I could handle another loss within the same year, but we don't have a choice.  I will love and miss you both forever.