Smiths Station Intermediate School Library
Smiths, Alabama

Tigger came to be our library cat in November, 1998. He was a faithful presence in our school until March 5, 2009, when he died from kidney failure. Over the years, we have accumulated hundreds of notes and letters that our students wrote to Tigger. Tigger’s memorial follows using our students’ own words taken from these letters.

He is what makes our school so special.

It is sad to go to the library without a friendly cat to touch.

I believe that cats and libraries go together.

Tigger makes the library warm.

Tigger gives this school a unique feature that many other schools do not have.

The library feels lonely without him.

When you pet him he calms you down.

 He gives kids someone to talk to.

You can tell him anything and he will never tell a soul.

I love him and he is in a special part of my heart.